Posted on 2019-06-28

June 28, 2019 (Irvine, CA) – Amarpreet Sethi, CEM, LEED AP and Well AP has joined tk1sc as principal and as the High Performance and Sustainability leader. Based in the firm’s Seattle office, Amarpreet brings a passion to provide valuable contributions to our clients’ sustainability goals.

Amarpreet’s background in architecture and engineering allow her to provide expert leadership in the field of high performance buildings. Her deep knowledge of climate responsive design, building envelope, daylighting, and HVAC systems enable her to assist integrated design teams to deliver true high-performance buildings in all our market sectors.

Driven by a passion to provide valuable contributions to clients’ sustainability goals through Building Optimization services, Amarpreet has been performing energy modeling and building performance analytics for 18 years. Her work has impacted clients like Google and Boeing who strive to enhance user experience and environment stewardship by cutting operational costs and improving work space through the implementation of high performance systems.

“What I find most thrilling about what I do, says Sethi, is that I get to take the guess work out of the design process. We have the expertise in the industry to help our clients make the most beneficial choices to take their first cost dollars even further.”

Amarpreet’s focus on sustainable design began while obtaining her architecture degree in India, and motivated her to go on to achieve a Master’s in Energy and Climate. Amarpreet is a Certified Energy Manager, an ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professional, High Performance Building Design Professional, as well as a LEED and WELL building accredited professional.

About TK1SC:
TK1SC is an engineering consulting firm. Working with our industry partners, we design mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, low voltage, and security systems. As stewards of the environment, we work diligently to find ways that conserve and/or produce energy and water, always striving for the perfect shade of green. We find ways to blend life safety and fire codes into the architecture without compromising design. Our architectural lighting designers light buildings to create the experience and mood of a space.

Whether a building is in design, construction, or is operational, we’ll commission it to optimize its performance and make sure everything is working as planned, if not better. And, if a building needs to operate better, we can retro-commission it to find ways to enhance its performance with an eye towards reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint.