Embracing change is good. Driving it is great!

Posted on 2017-08-09

August 9, 2017 – Recently, we held our annual Innovation Contest where we asked our team to innovate ways that challenge the status quo, positively impact our clients and firm, and/or provide a process that makes us more efficient.

In all, 44 staffers formed 16 teams and overwhelmed us with their creativity, detailed presentations, and care for client success, as well as our own. First and second place awards were given in three categories: 

• Engineering Excellence
• Internal Processes
• Internal Communication

Our five-member jury included two from outside the firm. They looked at overall concepts and how they met our mission of Building Value Through Innovationâ„ . Using the o|n|e approach – a tk1sc-developed method which considers the outcomes, needs, and expectations of users, owners, and clients – teams got busy. At our recent BASH, a quarterly all-hands meeting, we announced the award winners, who received a $50 gift card, a certificate, and a trophy for their desks.

Over the next several months, winning teams will be developing their innovations for firmwide use.

Congratulations to our first Innovation Contest winners!!

In Engineering Excellence:
First Place: Water System Sizing Program
Team: Matthew Kovarek

Second Place: Intelligent Building Design
Team: Alina Jeffery, Andy Thul, Andy Smith, Brad Nelson, Cameron Pack, Jennifer Crawford, Joel Baldovino, Josh Apolenis, Josh Enriquez, Melanie Lavoie, Mike Orozsco, Nick Look, Shannon Murray, Pat Papartassee, and Yu Zhang

In Internal Process:
First Place: The Project Starter Kit
Team: Eileen Thomas and Steve Neimeister

Second Place: o|n|e Resource Manager
Team: Charles Hutchinson, John Hill, Lacey Dattola, Andy Smith

In Internal Communication:
First Place: o|n|e to one – an interactive internal newsletter
Team: Heather Knoblach and Jennifer Crawford

Second Place: 1Forum
Team: Shannan Knitter, Pat Papartassee, Hannah Seeger, and Christina Souza

About tk1sc:
tk1sc is an engineering consulting firm. Working with our industry partners, we design mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, low voltage, and security systems. As stewards of the environment, we work diligently to find ways that conserve and/or produce energy and water, always striving for the perfect shade of green. We find ways to blend life safety and fire codes into the architecture without compromising design. Our architectural lighting designers light buildings to create the experience and mood of a space.

Whether a building is in design, construction, or is operational, we’ll commission it to optimize its performance and make sure everything is working as planned, if not better. And, if a building needs to operate better, we can retro-commission it to find ways to enhance its performance with an eye towards reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint.