Engineer Week Spotlight: Roger Carter, PE

Posted on 2018-02-19

Roger Carter, PE

What drew you to becoming an engineer?
I was always interested in mechanical things. You know, the standards like engines, pulling things apart to see how they worked so I could then rebuild them, etc. It also turned out that I seemed to be pretty good at drawing as well. A high school teacher of mine talked about this and he said, “It sounds like you should be an engineer.” I had no idea what an engineer was or did but I thought, sure I’ll do that.

What’s your favorite project?
There are so many but one comes to mind – the Women’s Pavilion at Hoag Hospital. It was an incredibly complex project that took close to ten years to complete, from the initial design to the completion of the tower. The demands of the project required the team to work so closely together, understanding Hoag’s goals. It was as intense as it was an excellent example of real collaboration. We all became great friends because of this project.

What would you tell your younger engineering self to make his life easier today?
There are a few pieces of advice I would tell my younger self. First and foremost, I would say don’t sweat the small stuff. There are always many solutions to every problem; and, the final solution doesn’t always have to be your idea. Also, there are many different roles you can take-on within an engineering firm but remember why you became an engineer. Make sure at least part of your job enables you to work on what you’re passionate about. Lastly, I would tell my younger self to buy Amazon stock in 1997, and stay away from skinny ties (turns out it wasn’t all that cool).

What do you do when you aren’t engineering?
I enjoy crawling around the desert in a Jeep. I also enjoy a day spent on the golf course, and barbecuing on my Big Green Egg.

Role: Partner
Discipline: Mechanical
Years of experience: 35
Education: Wembley Technical College, Perth Australia
Office: Irvine