Posted on 2018-02-23

Ray Swartz, PE

What drew you to becoming an engineer?
While working on my bachelors in physics at University of California, Riverside, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. During college I worked for two years at WA Doby Engineers, under the engineering supervision of William A Doby, PE. I had worked as an electrical contractor but I found it intriguing to be engineering a project rather than constructing it. Mr. Doby was my first mentor in the electrical engineering field and looking back his tutelage early in my career was the foundation for my desire to pursue engineering as a profession.

What’s your favorite project?
Although I have a lot of excellent projects to choose from, the project that comes to mind is the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, CA. It was a small project but extremely important from an environmental and sustainability perspective. This was a Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum Certified project – the first LEED Platinum project in Orange County. I am very proud of this project as it continues to be a leader in educating children on the importance of nature and living in a sustainable way.

What would you tell your younger engineering self to make his life easier today?
Get your PE license as soon as possible in your career. It is difficult to fit this effort in later in your career with the intense personal and career demands that are placed on your time.

What do you do when you aren’t engineering?
Enjoying time with my family, typically going to my son’s club soccer events or my daughter’s all-star cheer events.

Role: Partner
Discipline: Electrical
Years of experience: 31 years
Education: University of California, Riverside
Office: Irvine