VM Ware Data Center

Posted on 2012-10-04

A LEED Platinum Rated Data Center


Location: Wenatchee, WA

Owner: Sabey Corporation

Size: 81,000 SF

LEED Rating: LEED Commercial Interior - Platinum


This remote data center was constructed within a new shell building. Pod 1 is generally a tier 1 data center, which is comprised of lab facilities, office, storage and support spaces totaling approximately 50,000 square feet. Pod 2 is a tier 2 data center which includes mission critical areas totaling approximately 31,000 square feet. tk1sc was hired to perform commissioning services to meet the requirements for fundamental and enhanced commissioning under the LEED rating system.

Key Sustainable Features

• The air handling units are equipped with variable speed drives, 100% outside air economizers and evaporative cooled sections to maximize the efficiency of the mechanical system.

• The evaporative coolers are supplied with water from a grey water recovery system to minimize the use of potable water.

• Rejected heat from the Pods provides heating for the office and support areas during the winter months.

Commissioned HVAC Systems

• Rooftop Air Conditioning Units
• Air Handling Units
• Supply, Exhaust and Return Fans
• Evaporative Coolers
• Unit Heaters
• Rooftop Relief Fans
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Variable Volume (VAV) Terminal Units

Commissioned Electrical Systems

• Switchgear, Switchboards and Feeders
• Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
• Generator
• Lighting Controls

Additional Commissioned Systems

Building Automation System

Fire Sprinkler System

Fuel Oil System

Grey Water System

Plumbing - Domestic Hot Water System

VESDA System