This is the mantra of our industry, and everyone else’s. Keeping current with this pace is challenging. Balancing the owner’s need for speed with advances in technology can sacrifice opportunities for innovation, quality, and service. Accepting that the pace isn’t slowing down, we set out on a mission to change the way we approach our work.

With months of research and in-depth talks with owners and architects under our belts, we concluded that by getting involved earlier in a project, the outcome is a better building for the owner, and a much better experience throughout the process. Sounds simple enough, right? But, it has been common practice for way too long to re-do work later in design and during construction, adversely affecting budgets and schedules, and causing team burn-out.

the o|n|e approach

In response to this, we developed an approach that focuses on the outcomes, needs and expectations of the owner and project team. We call it the o|n|e approach. Starting with the outcomes establishes the context of the project and gives direction. Understanding the needs of the owner, design and construction team, we’ll have better opportunities for innovation. Finally, defining the expectations early-on provides us, and the entire team, performance indicators so there are fewer costly surprises.

Our mantra is: Building value through This short video shows you what we’ve been up to.