The first priority on any project is developing a clear understanding of our client's objectives. tk1sc approaches each project appreciating that every client and every building is unique, thus requiring our collaborative efforts and integrated design for optimal solutions.


Energy efficiency and long-term occupant satisfaction are the primary focuses to tk1sc sustainable project goals. We believe this is a teaming opportunity that brings all the best ideas to an integrated building environment. Environmentally conscious designs incorporate our philosophy of designing physical objects to conform to principles of ecological sustainability.


tk1sc enjoys the collaborative process in our work above all else. Whether partnering with an organization to create the specialized spaces they will inhabit, or interacting with industry partners to bring a design concept to reality, the collaborative process fuels our interest in every project. This process starts with understanding and developing a common goal through strategic planning and open communication. It evolves through trust, ownership, and action.

Design Focus

The aesthetic goals of a project are of primary importance to tk1sc. Listening to designers and ownership is key to integrating functionality into the intended art and beauty of a buildings architecture. We take pride in providing elegant and aesthetically pleasing solutions to complex and sensitive challenges.


A core competency of tk1sc is the design of critical-function facilities. From Healthcare Facilities to Data Centers, the acute nature of these facilities requires functional and practical solutions, which meet the occupant needs, while simultaneously addressing effective life cycle operation and maintenance.