Innovation Village Research Park

Innovation Village is a 3-story office building located near the Cal Poly Pomona campus. The facility is used by Southern California Edison. The space is comprised of open as well as private offices, conference, dining area and other miscellaneous support rooms. tk1sc was hired to perform commissioning services to meet the requirements for fundamental and enhanced commissioning under the LEED rating system. Key sustainable features include electrical sub-metering to help identify and troubleshoot equipment/systems that are not performing as originally designed, installed and tested. Automatic day light dimming controls are installed throughout for all perimeter spaces in order to take advantage of natural day light whenever possible. A 60kW photovoltaic array has been installed on the roof to help reduce building electrical demand. The air handling units are equipped with variable speed drives, economizers and evaporative cooled condensers to maximize the efficiency of the mechanical system.

Commissioned systems included:

  • HVAC Systems (Rooftop Package VAV Units, VAV Boxes, HW Boilers w/Associated Pumps, Exhaust Fans)
  • Lighting and Lighting Control Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Energy Management System
  • Renewable Energy - Photo Voltaic (PV) Panels

Project Details

Location: Pomona, CA
Square Feet: 120,000 Square Feet
Type: LEED Gold Certified
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