Oasis Senior Center

Oasis Senior Center is a single story facility, consisting of three buildings, located in Newport Beach. Building A contains the administration offices, Building B contains the multipurpose, stage and kitchen and Building C contains the classrooms, dance hall, wellness and fitness centers. tk1sc was hired to perform commissioning services to meet the requirements for fundamental commissioning under the LEED rating system. The HVAC rooftop package units are equipped with economizers that take advantage of free cooling during optimal outdoor temperatures. Systems also include demand control ventilation to maintain CO2 levels. The classrooms have operable windows that allow occupants to utilize natural ventilation when weather conditions are favorable. During this time the HVAC compressors are not active which provides additional energy savings. An approximate 30kW photovoltaic array is installed on the roof of the administration building to help reduce the energy required from the local utility source.

Commissioned systems included:

  • Air Conditioning (Rooftop Package Units with Economizers, Split-System Heat Pumps)
  • Ventilation (Exhaust and Supply Fans)
  • Lighting Control Systems (Occupancy Sensors, Daylighting)
  • Domestic Hot Water System (Gas Storage with Circulating Pump and Timeclock, Gas Tankless)
  • Energy Management System
  • Renewable Energy - Photo Voltaic (PV) Panels

Project Details

Location: Corona del Mar, CA
Square Feet: 36,400 Square Feet
Type: LEED Silver Certified
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