Trading Floor (Confidential Client)

The trading floor project utilizes the loading dock, second and third floors of an existing multi-use high-rise building located in downtown Chicago. The primary function of the space was an ultra-flexible trading floor environment. The raised floor environment included flexible power distribution systems and hybrid under floor/overhead air handling systems, both flexible to allow reconfiguration of the space with remodel. The space is comprised of open as well as private offices, conference, dining area, basketball court and other miscellaneous support rooms. Highly available power and cooling systems were also a critical requirement for the client. The project included a high density main computer room with redundant power and cooling systems. tk1sc was hired to provide peer review of the engineering systems for the building as well as to perform commissioning services to meet the clients requirements.Automatic day light dimming controls are installed throughout for all perimeter spaces in order to take advantage of natural day light whenever possible. The open office lighting has infrared sensors that allows the staff to control the light levels in their area. The standby power system included a rotary uninterruptable power supply. Space cooling is achieved by a combination overhead and under floor system. Multiple building information systems were integrated into a common platform to monitors both the mechanical and electrical systems and provide notification to key personnel when alarms are generated. A backup chiller provides chilled water to the mechanical equipment in the event the city provided system fails or cannot meet the demand. Heat trace was been installed on all outdoor piping. Leak detection provides an added layer of protection for server room and electrical room systems and components.

Commissioned systems included:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water System
  • Energy Management System
  • Lighting Controls Systems
  • Emergency Generator, Rotary UPS & Transfer Switch Systems
  • Incoming Main Switchgear & Substation Components

Project Details

Location: Chicago, IL
Square Feet: 92,500 Square Feet
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