Toyota of El Cajon

The project is a single story sales and service center located in El Cajon. The facility consists of a show room, repair center, waiting areas, offices and other miscellaneous support spaces. tk1sc was hired to perform commissioning services to meet the requirements for fundamental commissioning under the LEED rating system. This facility is the first LEED certified building in El Cajon. Key Sustainable Features include rooftop package AC units controlled by 7-day programmable thermostats. The package AC units are equipped with economizer controls as well as demand control ventilation to maintain CO2 levels. Automatic day light dimming controls are installed throughout for all perimeter spaces in order to take advantage of natural day light whenever possible. The exterior lighting is controlled via photocell and time clock in order to turn on/off the lights at the appropriate times

Commissioned systems included:

  • Air Conditioning (Rooftop Package units w/Economizers, Evaporative Coolers)
  • Ventilation (Exhaust Fans)
  • Lighting Control Systems (Occupancy Sensors & Daylighting)
  • Domestic Hot Water System (Electric Storage with Circulation Pump & Instantaneous Water Heaters)

Project Details

Location: El Cajon, CA
Square Feet: 86,000 Square Feet
Type: LEED Certified
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