Kaiser Permanente-East Los Angeles MOB

Designed to meet the primary care needs of the Kaiser Permanente membership in East Los Angeles, the 50,623-square-foot medical office building is based on a "provider module" that is used throughout the Kaiser Permanente health system. Each module has 12 physician (or care provider) offices and 24 exam rooms arranged in a U-shaped configuration that allows easy, efficient flow of patients and staff. The second floor contains two opposing modules that dictate the floor plate of the building. The first floor provides support functions such as pharmacy, imaging, vision services, lab, and registration. This two-story medical office building is provided with a variable air volume (VAV) system with hot water reheat. Four rooftop packaged VAV air conditioning units, (two per floor), also included 100% outside air economizers as an energy saving strategy. tk1sc provided mechanical plumbing and fire protection consulting services for this project.

Project Details

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Square Feet: 50,623 Square Feet
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