Energy Modeling

We utilize several energy simulation software programs and tools for both commercial and proprietary. Our professionals are experienced with current technology and the requirements for Title 24, ASHRAE, and LEED.
We provide a wide range of energy modeling and simulation services and expertise and have considerable experience using commercial and proprietary energy software and analysis tools. Our expertise includes:

  • Concept/Schematic Analysis
  • Façade Analysis and Optimization
  • Systems Selection and Optimization
  • Compliance Modeling (T-24, ASHRAE 90.1)
  • Performance Modeling (T-24, LEED)
  • Complex systems modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Controls Optimization
  • Existing buildings and retrofit analysis
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Training and Support
  • LEED Integrative Process ‘Simple Box’ model

We are industry leaders
Where software does not exist, we have developed our own tools.  Where data is unavailable for modeling, we collect it ourselves.  We strive to provide the most accurate and practical modeling services.

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