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Eileen Thomas.
Lighting design is an art and a science. StudioK1 is the lighting design studio that has the experience and design chops to bring your vision to life and the technical know how to turn that vision into reality. We provide the level of design quality expected from a boutique lighting firm with the resource scalability afforded by our large parent company, tk1sc. Lighting is an easy way to add value without a lot of expense. Together we can make your project beautiful and doable.
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Meet StudioK1.
We specialize in illuminating the story each environment wants to tell through revealing the forms, structures and patterns of the space with a light that is unique to that environment. We are trained in taking all of the disparate tools and elements of lighting design - focus, color, intensity, control, texture - and manipulating them in distinct and artful ways. We are experienced in providing aesthetically appropriate and elegant lighting design, while hewing to the most stringent energy codes and environmental restrictions.

To learn more about each of us and what we’ve done, please click on our photographs.
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