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We started in 1979, and in the blink of an eye, nearly 40 years have gone by. Little did we know that our work would shape the landscape of cities and communities along the West Coast, from residential to mixed-use, office, retail, education, and healthcare. When we look back, we’re thoroughly humbled by this, especially when some of our work is older than the millennials working here. We are One tk1sc. Our work gives people places to work, learn, heal, research, and invent. Today, we’re home to more than 240 employees, including 31 licensed professional engineers and 207 technical and non-technical support staff spread strategically across six offices from Irvine, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego. Being recently acquired by WSP Global, we have furthered our ability to better serve our clients by providing a local presence with global experience.
We are innovative
We make buildings behave like buildings should. Working with our industry partners, we design mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, technology, low voltage, and security systems. As stewards of the environment, we work diligently to find ways that conserve and/or produce energy and water, always striving for the perfect shade of green. We find ways to blend life safety and fire codes into the architecture without compromising design. Our architectural lighting designers light buildings to create the experience and mood of a space. Whether a building is in design, construction, or is operational, we’ll commission it to optimize its performance and make sure everything is working as planned, if not better. And, if a building needs to operate better, we can retro-commission it to find ways to enhance its performance with an eye towards reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint.
Jumpman LA - Gym area with open ceiling and lighting
Big on Culture.
We’re on a relentless mission to continuously improve how we interact with our clients to create better buildings. Simply put, we want to do a great job because that’s what makes us happy. For us, this means treating everyone we work alongside with great respect. It’s where collaboration is more than getting along, it’s keeping each other moving in the same direction, no matter how fast or complex the project is. To this end, we work to understand a building’s purpose in order to innovate engineering solutions that enhance architecture, advance owners’ goals, value the environment, and deliver an exceptional experience. What drives us? Building value through innovation
JLL Intersect Irvine - Front desk and Lobby With Skylight
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