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Dowler Gruman Architects Office
Dowler Gruman Architects Office
This tenant improvement for Dowler Gruman Architects is located on 2550 Fifth Avenue in San Diego, California. The project is an 8,000 square foot office space that includes an open floor concept with multiple breakout and meeting rooms located on the office's left side. The exposed ductwork and decorative lighting can be seen throughout the building.
Meet the Project Leaders
Joe Ross
Project Executive
Frank Fritsch
Jon Fenstermacher
Some of the challenges with this tenant improvement included retrofitting an existing system to properly control the tenant's space and upgrading the current HVAC system design to allow for proper return airflow and economization. This required coordination with multiple tenants outside our immediate tenant improvement. These challenges included coordinating with the adjacent tenant, a bank, to assure we had appropriate paths for returning air plenum while maintaining their space's security. We also had to design a stand-alone relief air system as the existing air handler could not economize properly. Perhaps the greatest challenge of this project was the investigative work upon completion to unearth why the current shell system was not operating per design. This required multiple meetings with facilities, a review of trend data, and detailed site walks; however, a comprehensive plan was able to be developed to identify the existing infrastructure problems and repair them to provide a comfortable space for the tenant.
This office tenant improvement required complex lighting solutions to coordinate with the unique open ceiling elements that consisted of a concrete waffle design while maintaining compliance with Title 24 energy codes. Specialty design elements include acoustical fixtures selected to combat noise commonplace in an open office setting and combine commercial lighting fixtures with decorative elements to create a firm representative that occupied the space.
The unique challenge from a plumbing standpoint was to find aesthetically pleasing breakroom fixtures that represented the architecture firm's vision. This was accomplished by finding fixtures with clean, sleek lines that gave a specialty fixture's outward appearance that still met Title 24 and CalGreen flow rates.
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