Designing Light.
"Light should not interpret architecture; it must transform it! Light should not enhance space and form; it should empower it! Light is the life-force of man-made structures. It is through light that events become meaningful. Light marks our presence as alive and self-aware. Burned in memory, light is profoundly experienced."

- Edward P. Bartholomew – educator, lighting guru
Lighting Design Services for Behr Headquarters. a variety of vintage light bulbs and fixtures hand over a wooden bar top.
The Lighting Design Studio.
StudioK1 is a small, boutique lighting design firm with diverse, talented and award-winning designers, experienced in all facets of lighting design and market sectors.

Our work includes commercial, corporate, retail and mixed-use developments; hotels, resorts, restaurants and casinos; museums and cultural centers; library, healthcare, educational and civic facilities.

Designer - n.

a person who creates forms, structures
and patterns, as for works of art.

The designers at StudioK1 have more than a century of combined lighting design experience, and have lit almost every conceivable type of environment - from casinos to classrooms, from theme park attractions to spas and resorts, from city parks to high-end retail, from libraries to ultra-lounges..

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