Electrical Engineering
Electrical Systems Design

From branch circuiting to high-voltage campus loop master planning and design, and everything in between, tk1sc brings the knowledge and experience to deliver a safe, reliable, and efficient electrical system to your project, however small or large. Our insight into project-specific solution-based designs allows for flexible, innovative, and dependable infrastructures, ensuring a level of quality unlike any other.

Master Plans

From multi-buildings to central plants, city blocks, and neighborhoods, we participate with the client to plan and future-proof a campus or project to accommodate electrical service needs and infrastructure.

Facility Assessment

Whether it be for an existing parcel looking for an upgrade or a prospective opportunity that requires additional analysis, our services for facility assessment and reporting, equipment analysis, building and site capabilities, and future needs are available to help you determine your next steps.

Development of Client Standards

We work hand in hand with clients and their facilities specialists to develop standards and installation methods that are safe, code-compliant, and establish a level of quality that ensures we can maintain an owner’s vision.

Power Distribution System Design

Our design capabilities on power system distribution include receptacle and device placement, branch circuiting, lighting and appliance panelboards, distribution boards, switchgear, motor control centers, substations, and beyond. We can cover all aspects of the power distribution system design within your building, site, and campus.

Emergency Systems Design

Our expertise and knowledge of electrical emergency system designs stretch from the smallest inverter to a central utility plant parallel-generator system with N+1redundancy and everything in between. When critical systems are desired or required for your project, we balance the safety and intent of the code with finding the most cost effective and design appropriate solutions available.

Lighting Systems

With support from our in-house experts at StudioK1, we can design and integrate decorative and exciting concepts with code-compliant controls that are functional and aesthetic. Having the best industry relationships with vendors and manufacturers allows us to fulfill design intent while maintaining budgets.

Power Systems Analysis

By using ETAP and SKM software simulations, we can participate in:

  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)
  • Protective System Coordination
  • Arc Flash Power Systems Analysis
  • Selective Coordination
Cost Studies

With many different solutions available these days, we help compare the variables and weigh the pros and cons on any project along with the associated upfront and long-term costs. Our relationships with industry specialists and subcontractors enable us access to the most up-to-date and accurate figures to help guide your project forward.

Construction Support

Once the project is in the hands of the contractor, we are on hand to provide complete construction support services, such as timely reviewing of submittals to routine field observations and reports throughout the construction process. Our coordination with the construction team helps ensure the design intent is delivered according to the owner’s needs and goals while maintaining a budget and avoiding surprises.

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Building Commissioning Association
The Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) is an international nonprofit organization with more than 1,200 members from the commercial building industry who are committed to the highest standards and practices for the commissioning process.
AABC Commissioning Group
Established in 2005, the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) is a non-profit association of commissioning companies whose fundamental principles include independence, and training and education.
Certified Commissioning Firm
Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) adheres to the industries best practices in the practice of commissioning and provide highest quality service to potential clients and the commitment to the advancement of the commissioning industry.
UC Riverside Open Ceiling Hvac, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems
Design Options
  • Performance Specifications
  • Code Designation / Verification
  • Basis of Design Narrative / Documents
  • Construction Document Review Phase
  • Construction Administration Services
Design Assist
  • Performance Specifications
  • Code Designation / Verification
  • Basis of Design Narrative / Documents
  • Coordination / Bid level drawings
  • Calculations (if needed)
Full Design
  • Performance Specifications
  • Code Designation / Verification
  • Basis of Design Narrative / Documents
  • Permit-ready drawings
  • Full Scope to include
    1. Schematic Design
    2. Design Development
    3. Construction Document
    4. Bid Review
    5. Construction Administration
  • Commissioning Services
Inovio Pharmaceuticals
San Diego, CA

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is an American biotechnology company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing synthetic DNA products for treating cancers and infectious diseases. In need of a new San Diego lab and office, tk1sc provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design and engineering services on their 50,100 square foot remodel. The two-story building includes ISO 8 cleanroom space, a new Manufacturing area, Dry Lab spaces, Office area improvements, a Product Storage/Warehouse, and building amenity improvements for meeting areas and indoor/outdoor employee lounge space.

Hana - Tenant Improvements at Park Place
Irvine, CA

As its first flexible workspace on the west coast, Hana offers 62,000 square feet of turnkey co working spaces, private offices, and on-demand meeting rooms within Park Place, the landmark mixed-use campus in the heart of Irvine. Hana provides co working and office space for solo professionals and high-growth businesses to thrive. The project team designed a high-density flexible workspace office tenant improvement to meet the owner's needs of flexibility, privacy, and upscale amenities for short-term office solutions. Providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lighting design services on this project, tk1sc designed solutions to meet the unique needs of this type of environment.

Beacon Park
Irvine, CA

Beacon Park is the first in a series of neighborhood parks within a large-scale residential development. It is an iconic destination for homeowners and starting point for visitors. Working with landscape architects Valley Crest Design Group and architects Ware Malcomb, StudioK1 has brought magical energy to the first of multiple parks under design and construction within Orange County’s Great Park for FivePoint Communities. StudioK1 has created a night-time family playground, including the Coolest. Treehouse. Ever. Taking advantage of the multiple heritage trees throughout the park. tk1sc provided Full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and Low Voltage engineering design. Mechanical Solutions: We selected the mechanical systems on the project to achieve the project goal of no rooftop equipment. The Welcome Center utilizes a VRF Heat Recovery system with an outdoor VRF unit located on grade. The fan coils are thoughtfully arranged in a mezzanine to maximize the ceiling height in the Multipurpose Room. The Multipurpose Room also featured two gas fireplaces. We closely coordinated venting solution for the fireplaces to ensure it meets the desired aesthetics from both the interior and exterior of the building. Lighting Solutions: Beacon Park is entirely lit with LED sources, allowing the design team to exceed California’s strict Title-24 regulations. We used the lighting scheme to enhance the geometry of architecture and landscape. Creating an inviting presence with warm white downlights paired with decorative pendants creates an inviting mood in the lounge-style learning space. Two different color temperatures of string lights wrap the mature trees adding to the magic. Integrated downlights within the metal trellis allow for the kitchen space to function into the evening. We lit the giant heritage trees with mid-grades from below, accenting the trunks and branches, while tree-mounted bullets are used within to illuminate the canopy. Contemporary style poles illuminate the pathways. We used asymmetric uplighting to accent the colorful decorative metal shade structures while powerful floodlights evenly light the multi-function court. Incorporating step lights into the guardrails creates a seamless look while providing light for the skywalk to the treehouse. Heritage trees salvaged from the decommissioned Marine base are now major focal points around the entire park, particularly at night with accent lighting and sparkle. The treehouse is the most eye-catching beacon of the park. LEDs create sparkle within three ancient Jacaranda trees as the steel and wood structure is highlighted with color to give it life at night. Recessed ingrade lights with the ability to change color per season or holiday create a fun light source for kids while illuminating the inside of the treehouse, making the space exciting from within and a focal point across the park. The design focused on the significant features within the park to keep the project within budget.

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