Plumbing Engineering
Plumbing Systems Design

Plumbing systems as a whole are "mission-critical" to a properly functioning building. Our expertise and experience in plumbing system design are unparalleled in the industry. Reliable sound solutions are always provided with a constant awareness of resource conservation and the health and safety of the public.

Specialty Fluid Systems in Healthcare, Lab and industrial Facilities

tk1sc has vast experience in the specialized systems required in the healthcare, laboratory and industrial facilities including:

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrous Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Instrument Air
  • Medical Air
  • Medical Vacuum
  • Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal
  • Laboratory Air
  • Laboratory Vacuum
  • Laboratory Nitrogen
  • Acid Waste
  • Reverse Osmosis Water
  • Deionized Water
  • Soft Water
  • Clean Dry Air
  • Industrial Water
  • Industrial Waste
Sustainable Plumbing Solutions

We provide a variety of sustainable plumbing solutions including:

  • Domestic Water Heating Systems with Solar
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Grey Water
  • Black Water
  • Sewer Heat Recovery
Water, Waste + Storm Drainage

Water, Waste and Storm Drainage systems are essentials for any facility. At tk1sc we place a high priority on protecting the public health, conserving our limited potable water supply and protecting the environment while meeting our clients needs.

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Building Commissioning Association
The Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) is an international nonprofit organization with more than 1,200 members from the commercial building industry who are committed to the highest standards and practices for the commissioning process.
AABC Commissioning Group
Established in 2005, the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) is a non-profit association of commissioning companies whose fundamental principles include independence, and training and education.
Certified Commissioning Firm
Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) adheres to the industries best practices in the practice of commissioning and provide highest quality service to potential clients and the commitment to the advancement of the commissioning industry.
UC Riverside Open Ceiling Hvac, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems
Design Options
  • Performance Specifications
  • Code Designation / Verification
  • Basis of Design Narrative / Documents
  • Construction Document Review Phase
  • Construction Administration Services
Design Assist
  • Performance Specifications
  • Code Designation / Verification
  • Basis of Design Narrative / Documents
  • Coordination / Bid level drawings
  • Calculations (if needed)
Full Design
  • Performance Specifications
  • Code Designation / Verification
  • Basis of Design Narrative / Documents
  • Permit-ready drawings
  • Full Scope to include
    1. Schematic Design
    2. Design Development
    3. Construction Document
    4. Bid Review
    5. Construction Administration
  • Commissioning Services
Biola Blackstone Residence Hall
La Mirada, CA

This project's sustainable elements highlight the design while also providing an efficient place for students to live, study, and socialize. With smaller than average room sizes, more common areas, study alcoves, kitchens, terraces, a classroom, and café were built with the saved space. To achieve it's LEED Gold status, our design team implemented the following sustainable building systems. Active and passive controls, motion-sensor lights in all spaces, special triggers to disable HVAC use when the operable windows are open, solar fins that shade west-facing windows for additional energy savings, and geopier footings in place of typical cast-in-place concrete, which saved time and money.Constructed on the last available parcel of campus land, the Blackstone Residence Hall was squeezed between a major college entrance, a busy street and two existing structures, with no green space on site. To make the design work, the project team employed the latest building information modeling and document-control technologies to create an angular building design that maximizes the number of units while leaving room for outdoor amenities. The result is an efficient LEED Gold building, highlighted by smaller-than-average, 150 SF dorm rooms. The saved area was allocated for more common space, study alcoves, kitchens, terraces, a classroom and a café. The 61,000 SF structure provides 15% of its area as amenity space for residents. It also created a new secondary campus entrance.

The Cherese Mari Laulhere Children's Village
Long Beach, CA

Located on the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center campus, this 80,000 square foot, four-story Village brings together over 30 specialty pediatric clinics, allowing families to receive all their care needs in a single location. The innovative Village was delivered as a LEED-Certified building, creating a green and environmentally friendly place for children and their families. Electric Vehicle charging was provided for 20% of all parking required (more than double the code-required amount) to accommodate future Electric Vehicle needs. A light-filled, multi-story lobby and full-height windows along main circulation paths bring daylight to each of the clinics. Multiple age-specific rehab therapy gyms open to a shaded outdoor yard, bringing healing outdoors. Similar to what is envisioned for the CHOC EMP, the entire project was developed with Lean concepts, using pull planning across the entire Design-Build team; big room team coordination meetings; and the crafting of full-sized mockups of nearly all treatment spaces.

Pitzer College Housing
Claremont, CA

The Second Phase of the Pitzer Student Housing project consists of two 4-story buildings with approximately 90,000 square feet of multi-story Student Dormitory while housing 304 Beds in 79 units. The project includes an open common area in between buildings. Amenities include computer labs, classrooms, study rooms, and offices. Systems include graywater collection, photovoltaic panels, green roofs, living walls, and permeable concrete. The exterior of the buildings consists mainly of plaster, fiber cement siding, and operable windows with the mechanical system tied to it. tk1sc provided full-service engineering services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage designs. The project is the first to receive LEED Platinum certification on the Pitzer campus.

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